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With the overindunation of diverse sources of information available to us, students experience increasing difficulties navigating the complexities of the information ecosystem, in their academic, as well as their personal, endeavors. To create in students the level of critical thinking, awareness, and astuteness necessary to not only responsibly consume information, but also to make meaningful contributions to this wealth of knowledge, the Munday Library's Instructional Program has established a scaffolded, vertical curriculum of information literacy that integrates the core threshold concepts articulated in the Association of College & Research Libraries's Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education into current research-focused courses within the general education curriculum, as well as into research-focused courses within specific disciplines. The aim of the vertical curriculum is to guide students as they move from a novice understanding of foundational concepts and skills of information literacy into an expertise that is central not only to their specific disciplinary discourse communities, but also to the overarching and dynamic information ecosystem in which we all participate as consumers and producers of information.

If you are interested in learning more about how our information literacy curriculum can be integrated into your course, please contact Brittney Johnson, Head of Library Instruction, at or (512) 448-8479.

If you would like to request an information literacy session or multi-sessions, please contact Brittney Johnson, your departmental liaison, or complete this form.


Library liaisons are a bridge between the library, teaching faculty, and academic departments. Liaisons can serve their departments in many ways, but some of the more traditional roles library liaison play involve serving as the point of contact for the department, selecting library materials for the collection, providing instruction sessions and orientations, and discipline-specific research assistance

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If we don't have what you're looking for, there are ways to get books, articles, and videos from other libraries. Read more about this process in this article in the Library Help Center.

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A booking is an advance request from SEU faculty to use Library DVDs, videos, and other media items for a specific class. Booking of Library Media items is provided to ensure availability of materials.

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Please see this article on how to post library content to Canvas.

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